Symfony 4: Creating Smart Controller

5 min February 12, 2018

Symfony 4: Creating Smart ControllerWhat if the Symfony controller would be able to find correct template for action without writing its path over and over again? What if we would be able to setTemplateParameters from multiple places or even before the render method? Symfony 4 is a great framework but after some time of working with controllers I have started to miss these features which I was used to from other frameworks like Nette Framework. I have decided to implement them in my recent project that uses Symfony 4 and I will show you how did I did that in this article.

Macdom HTML Preprocessor

5 min February 01, 2018

Writing HTML code can be sometime very annoying. Open tags, closing tags, quotation marks, bracket here, bracket there, this tag is paired and this one is not. You forgot write parenthesis and you are f****d. These are the things I don't like about the HTML and because I am lazy I have decided to create the Macdom HTML preprocessor for simplifying my work and daily routine.

Get started with Docker Compose

3 min December 22, 2017

Get started with Docker ComposeDocker Compose is a tool that simplifies work with multiple containers. In the previous article we have shown how to create a simple Docker image and how to run a Docker container with only using Dockerfile. In this article we will create the same image but with using docker-compose.

Docker: From Setup to First Container

4 min December 06, 2017

Docker: From Setup to First ContainerHow to start with Docker? How to install Docker? How to build Docker image? How to run Docker container? That's are the major problems in the beginnings with Docker and this article will hopefully help you to solve them. I will try to explain you how to create your first Dockerfile, build the first image with custom content and how to run, stop and remove the first Docker container.

Becoming a Web Developer

8 min November 23, 2017

When I was starting with web development, I had completely no idea, what to learn, where should I start, which technologies should I use and so on. Now, when I know at least that there are more tags then head and body and notepad is not an IDE, I decided to wrote this "tourist guide" that could help others with the same problem.

Front End Optimization

5 min November 17, 2017

This is a list of my notes about front end optimization focused especially on css, javascript, images and fonts. It is for you now and for me sometime in the future.